magnet brush  gives a new value to brushing teeth. Toothbrushes are objects to which users often have no bond. Their use is short lived and they should be replaced regularly. Unfortunately, we tend to use toothbrushes longer than recommended by the manufacturer. The cleaning properties decrease over time. The bristles bend and the antibacterial coating dissolves. But changing the toothbrush frequently results in a lot of plastic waste.

To make the process of cleaning teeth more attractive, magnet brush has a replaceable head system. By using magnets as connectors, the brush heads can be replaced very quickly and easily. This also makes it possible to keep the brush clean and hygienic as the joints can be cleaned in no time if necessary. To store the toothbrush in a dry place, it is simply clicked on a wall bracket.



Water flowing in during cleaning can escape through an opening at the connection point of the head piece, which allows it to dry quickly.


Different colored heads allow you to distinguish the toothbrush from those of your roommates.


There are many different tooth brushing habits. Physical factors also play a role in dental hygiene.
In order to approach a shape that feels comfortable in the hands of as many users as possible, several prototypes have been developed. For example, magnet brush enables right- and left-handed users to use the same handle. In the different positions, which occur during the cleaning process, the handle always lies comfortably in your hand.


magnet brush is a project from my third semester product design at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin.

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