Measuring objects and surfaces is an important part of our everyday life. But especially with uneven surfaces and organic shapes, you quickly reach the limits of what is possible. Conventional tools are often only designed for measuring flat surfaces.


Norm is a multi-function tool that greatly simplifies the measuring process by converting the revolutions of the built-in wheels into precise distances and curves. It allows intuitive measuring of straight lines, radii as well as uneven and curved tracks. In different modes, in addition to just measuring objects, it is also possible to measure chain dimensions as well as predefined routes. In the latter, the Measuring Roller reacts to the distance covered during the measuring process and gives the user feedback by gently braking the wheels. An unobtrusive click also gives the user a better feel for the distance traveled. The measurements can be entered or read on a mobile device coupled with the Measuring Roller and can be used directly for further processing. This makes it possible to calculate volumes or areas, among other things. For example, the calculation of volumes and surface areas.

Portfolio 2023 v2

norm is a project from my sixth semester product design at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin.

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