Orbit Lichtkegel

orbit is an intelligent lighting system regulates the lighting of passageways based on the number and movement of people in the room. The lights turn on automatically when someone is nearby and illuminate the entire room with a slight gradient. As they do so, the brightness decreases the farther the user moves away from each luminaire.  When the user leaves the room, they slowly dim their light and turn off. The system works without any conscious interaction on a user's part. 


Orbit Flur

Light is an essential means of orientation for us. For this reason, rooms such as corridors or stairwells in larger buildings are often permanently illuminated. The mostly cool light makes them seem impersonal. To counteract this, Orbit creates a harmonious atmosphere in the room thanks to its dynamic light transitions, which visually accompany the user. 

The formal design of the luminaires with their slanted reflectors is based on the cone of light that it emits. The light illuminates the wall around the device and is particularly focused on the floor. This provides good orientation even with low illumination. 





orbit is a project from my fourth semester product design at weißensee kunsthochschule berlin.

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